Durty Nelly's Pub is said to be started in Ireland by a kind soul named Nelly. It is said that Nelly wasn't much to look at but she had a heart of gold and many men sought after her heart. She worked at a toll booth collecting tolls to cross iewoirwa river. Near by she kept a humble lodge where she would take in weary travelers and help them on their way.

Her lodge became famous for a drink she created called Poteen. This drink is known for being so serious that it had the power to take life in excess but give new life when taken moderately. One local husband and wife were very much trying to begin a family with no success, but after a night with Nelly's Poteen they later found themselves with more kids than they could handle. One account spoke of a horse that had a bad leg. After rubbing the Poteen over the effected area the horse grew well and helped yield a bountiful crop for the season.

One night an elderly wolf fell almost dead at Nelly's feet. She used her creation to help the old wolf. The next day the wolf jumped with new found youth and became loyal to her.

Nelly was by no means dirty. She was a legend for her hospitality. However, one of the first Pub's to take the name Nelly's wasn't the cleanest. The Pub's owner would even take a used mug from a departing guest and fill the very same mug for a new customer walking in the door. The locals nicknamed the place "Dirty Nelly's."

Just so you know. Our Nelly's is tribute to Nelly's kindness, not the dirty part.

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Unversity Ave

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub

Phone 1-352-374-9567

Mon thru Sat 4pm ~ 2am

Sunday 4pm ~ 2am